Green Fruity and ripe fruity



   Your taste buds will make the difference between the two fruities : Green and Ripe.

  Thanks to a healthy harvest and speedy delivery to the mill you will taste a wide range of aromas and an    intense note of freshness !


The green fruity is obtained by selecting a balanced amount of green, black and purple olives.

Grassy aromas are dominant.

But also : raw artichoke, green banana, tomato leaf

The taste is pungent and bitter.

The ripe fruity is obtained by picking the olives at a more advanced state of maturity.


Almond, fruit : apple, pear, cooked artichoke aromas. The oil will usually be less bitter and less pungent.

There is no static border in between the two fruities.

You will decide which kind of fruity and array of aromas will seduce you.