pigonnierLocated in the hinterland of Béziers in Languedoc, Astiès’ Estate lies on the site of an ancient Gallo-Roman villa. its dominant location benefits from a strategic position. This has been the cradle of the same family for over five centuries.

The dovecot, symbol of abundance and prosperity, dominates the property. It consists of three parallel buildings. This structure is typical of Béziers vineyards that flourished in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century during this prosperous period.

After a few years without culture, the Estate has returned to agricultural use with the creation of a beautiful olive grove in 2007: 1400 olive trees span three large orchards.

Catherine Dussol, mother of a large family, is raised in the wine and olive farming community. Five grown children later, she wants to create a new offspring, a deep rooted one. The idea to build a project around the olive tree came naturally, thanks to the illustrious centuries old trees already established. These trees met the needs of an epic olive oil era.

After serious professional training in the olive business, comforted to learn that the olive tree is immortal, the choice is made to restructure the centuries old olive trees. They quickly become productive. In 2007, it is the traditional low density orchard planting of 1300 trees over 7ha : olivière, picholine, aglandau, cayon.

Catherine Dussol

Sustainability enthusiast for the orchard maintenance, Catherine Dussol wants to combine the olive health and respect of the environement by being a responsible professional. She takes into account the ecosystem via careful observation in order to minimize interventions.

Une véritable passion de l’oléiculture est née et surtout le désir de la partager au travers d’un produit de qualité.

A real passion for olive production is born and especially the desire to share it with a quality product.

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Doors are open for those who decide to enter this world and learn more about olive oil. Come to the Astiès’ Estate, you will be welcome to share a passion!

Domaine d’Astiès – 34490 Thézan-lès-Béziers FRANCE

Coordonnées  GPS : 43.413715, 3.173742

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