Health Tips

bienfait_1THE BENEFITS

Gourmet Food…Healthy food… You will give your tastebuds a feast and treat yourself to many health benefits by consuming olive oil.

An olive oil is obtained only with olives: it is a PURE JUICE with many nutritional and dietary qualities. It is a NATURAL PRODUCT obtained only by a NATURAL PROCESS, without the use of chemicals. Dieticians’ arguments advocating the use of olive oil are based on solid facts.

Cooked or in salads, olive oil is the most balanced fats and dietary qualities were noticed a long time ago. It is the core of the “Mediterranean diet” !

Olive oil can be heated up to 210 ° C (smoke point) while preserving all of its health benefits. This is the only fatty substance that can rise to such high temperatures without degrading.

Bienfait2STORAGE : knowing how to store olive oil

Precautions to keep its flavor intact, limit the three main degradation factors: AIR, LIGHT and HEAT.

  • Keep well away from air (well capped container), which may cause rancidity,
  • Keep well away from light by storing in the dark (e.g. a cupboard),
  • Keep heat away from the place of storage (such as a stove, extra heating…)
  • Also avoid mixing an olive oil with an older one that could be in a table dispenser for example. This could cause odors and develop a rancid taste. It is important to perfectly clean and dry a flask having already contained oil.

These conditions allow an optimal preservation of approximately 18 months before opening and 6 months after opening.


A simple drizzle of olive oil on steamed vegetables or over a cooked dish will enhance their flavor.

Marinate your meats or fish in olive oil for a couple of hours, it will brighten your recipes.

Personalize your cheese: Dare combine olive oil and cheese: small goat cheeses, for example, after about a month of being marinated in a mix of olive oil and aromatic herbs, thyme, bay leaf or green pepper, become exceptional.

Original idea for seasoning: Mix a teaspoon of honey with the same amount of lime juice, then add 4 tablespoons of Astiès’ Estate ‘s olive oil, lightly salt the mixture